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This information rights and privacy notice is subject to change to make your experience more private, legally compliant and/or lawfully accommodate E-commerce for publishing and consultancy service requirements in conformance with US laws and applicable law.

We are not responsible for the republishing of the content found on this site’s blog on other Web sites or media without our permission.


Some personal information will be collected via in the normal course of business.

Types of Personal Data Collected

We can or may collect the following information in the course of business via our contact form or MailChimp:

  • Name, ISP and some related location information, e-mail addresses, timestamp of transaction and business communication sought after.

How Your Information Will Be Used

In the course of business, we will use some personal information for the following reasons:

1.     Product or service delivery
2.     Occasional means of contact for opt-in only marketing notices


If we do not have your consent to collect this data using the site’s contact page form or electronic mail, please do not use the contact form. Honor our request to contact us via US mail or telephone, to pursue business offline. 

PARTNERS IN DATA PROCESSING does not share personal information with third-parties, nor do we store information we collect about your visit to this information site for use except to: analyze content performance through Squarespace web administration use of cookies, which you can turn off at anytime by modifying your Internet browser's settings, MailChimp process of market notices, for e-mail communication and PayPal payment transactions.

Some transactions at our site will be co-conducted via Squarespace, MailChimp and PayPal. They have their own site collection practices and privacy notices; which does not and cannot control, own or administrate.  Please find these services below.


Any data subject access requests will be honored in any request to dispose or manage storage of your personal data.  Merely contact us by phone, mail or e-mail and we will schedule administration with you.

While we like EU residents, we are not able to legally accommodate EU regulatory demands at, as a small business. We plan disposal of your data promptly as EU residency is made known to us based on standard use of communicated in this notice.

E-mail transactions are held to EU compliance standards and Privacy Shield agreements in Switzerland.

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