Privacy Is A Spider

A Guide To Rebalance Private Living  

To be released ... February 2018
— Sheila Dean

The web ecosystem of personal privacy has fallen down.


  • Your family’s privacy settings don’t match their values.
  • Your cable provider is oversharing your Wi-Fi connection with a neighbor who has an Always-On artificial intelligence watching the front of your home.
  • Social media privacy controls are legally evasive, inoperable, or confusing. 
  •  You’re one of millions of trusting account holders worried about a data breach hitting your credit, your banks or your health care records.
  • The “new normal” of Big Data or data surveillance creeps you out.
  • The hackers: the government, corporate spies, private contractors, or cybercriminals in Estonia.
  • It bothers you surveillance robots can fly and the traffic cameras never shut down.  

No one worth listening to will blame you for wanting to assert yourself more over your privacy. Digital privacy is  security. You can take personal steps towards better protection.

In nature, the humble spider doesn’t fret long over a collapsed area of its web. It whips up threads and rebuilds something that moves away from threat prone environments and makes a meal of intruders.  

Privacy is a Spider will teach you how to:

  • Create a  resilient, self-protective mindset to address privacy losses.
  • Recognize what is private and what is not in digital environments.
  • Set realistic goals, plans and processes in place to improve your privacy according to your personal standards.
  • How to evaluate products & services for best privacy offerings.
  • Jumpstart a personal data “reclamation” movement.

    Privacy Is A Spider shows you ways to assert your boundaries in a responsible quest to draw basic privacy lines and practice decency defense.